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Interview Tip: Talk about a hobby which you are highly engaged in and passionate about e.g. running a marathon, social work, dramatics, sports, etc. This could become a conversation-maker and strengthen your chances at the interview
Resume Tip: A one-size-fits-all resume could end up in rejection. A specific and tailor-made resume highlighting how well you fit the job role has a better chance to get viewed by the Recruiter
LinkedIn Tip: Connect with professionals and experts in your industry. Recruiters want to know whom you interact with and the value of your professional network. While searching for a job, whom you know could be just as important as what you know
Salary Increment Negotiation Tip: Before the negotiation discussion, have a realistic figure in mind. Base this on your previous year's increment plus the company's performance over the past year
Salary Increment Negotiation Tip: Before negotiating a raise, know your market value. You can get an idea by speaking to people doing similar roles within and outside your company. Also take a look at JobMantras Salary Indicator to know your market worth
Interview Tip: Asking questions at the end of the interview shows your personal interest towards the position and reinforces your seriousness as a candidate. You can ask questions about performance appraisals, career growth, training opportunities etc.
Job Search Tip: The biggest mistake is to accept the job offer solely on the basis of designation and salary offered. You need to consider other factors as well including professional growth opportunity, work-life balance, company culture, etc.
LinkedIn Tip: LinkedIn is not just about you but also about whom you know. Recruiters want to know the strength and reach of the professional network you bring with you
Interview Tip: Interviewers ask the reason for leaving current job to verify if there are any red flags. Make sure you highlight the positive reasons for considering a new position rather than negative reasons for leaving the current one
Job Search Tip: Recruiters check for red flags on your social media (profanity, drugs, bad-mouthing employers, sharing confidential work data etc.) If it is something you would not discuss with your boss or colleagues, then do not post it on social media
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