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Interview Tip: Interviewers ask the reason for leaving current job to verify if there are any red flags. Make sure you highlight the positive reasons for considering a new position rather than negative reasons for leaving the current one
Job Search Tip: Recruiters check for red flags on your social media (profanity, drugs, bad-mouthing employers, sharing confidential work data etc.) If it is something you would not discuss with your boss or colleagues, then do not post it on social media
Job Search Tip: Competition on big job sites is extremely stiff and your profile can get lost in the crowd. Don't ignore niche job sites specifically targeted to your talent segment
Negotiation Tip: Jobseekers often focus on salary and ignore benefits and perks, which is an equally important component of the compensation package. Be sure to find out about insurance schemes, retirals, leave policy, HRA etc.
Job Search Tip: When looking for a job, don't just stick to online sources. Networking is the most powerful source of job leads. Our research shows that 35% professionals found their current job through employee referral.
Cover Letter Tip: The Cover Letter should be tailor-made for the specific organization and role you are targeting. It should clearly highlight your skills specific to the job opening.
Career Tip: To stay relevant in the ever-changing job market, you need to stay updated with the latest skillsets & technologies. Take courses & get certified to show current & prospective employers that you have the drive to stay ahead of your colleagues
Resume Tip: Your resume should get very specific when listing your accomplishments. Mention facts, figures, and numbers (team size, deal size, turnover, percentage growth, etc.)
Job Search Tip - Use of casual email addresses, informal language / SMS lingo, sending a blank email with attachments, not drafting a good cover letter are some defects that can turn employers away from shortlisting a candidate.
Career Tip - CXOs & Senior Professionals need Career Guidance too. The stakes at that level are so high, one wrong move could set their careers back by several years
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