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Reasons why you don’t hear from Recruitment Consultants

If the recruiter does not revert to your job application, you need not take it personally. If you're very lucky, you might have a preliminary email exchange with a recruiter and then never hear from them again. It's a discouraging experience; however try enhancing your search by exploring companies that suite your profile, remember; there are plenty more fish in the sea. If the recruiter does not revert to your job application, you need not take it personally. If you're very lucky, y.. More
Posted by: Editorial Team Date:Sep 14, 2017

Get on the right track - Tips to succeed in one's career

If you are in the early stages of your career and are not clear about your goals or where you are headed in life, here are 11 questions you should ask yourself before you turn 30 The key, often to realise many life goals, is asking some im portant questions to your self at the right time. These questions might not have easy or right answers. Here are 11 such questions that you should start thinking about right away, way before the onset of your 30s. They will help you gain clarity about th.. More
Posted by:  Courtesy: ET Panache, 26th June, 2017 Date:Jun 28, 2017

How to Present Oneself in an Interview

First impressions can play a major role in how an employer perceives you as a candidate. What you say during the first phase of the interview may make a big difference in the outcome - in a good way or in a bad way. In fact, some hiring managers may make a decision to reject a candidate based on what they did not do when they met them. That is why it is important to pay attention to interview manners and to carefully think through how you will introduce yourself during a job interview. .. More
Posted by: Editorial Team Date:Jun 22, 2017

How to Manage Your Boss

“Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.” – Winston Churchill   You need to understand that managing a boss is essential for your overall professional activities. You never know, perhaps you’ll be close to being a successful manager yourself. First; to manage your boss, it is important to understand his/her working culture in case you are new to the organization as every business functions differently. Hence, it.. More
Posted by:  Courtesy : Editorial Team Date:Jun 15, 2017

A 7-point survival guide for those between jobs

This is the time to hustle; get out there and talk to as many relevant people as possible, who may well be the ticket to your next job.    How do you keep your head when you suddenly find yourself out of a job? It’s a problem an increasing number of people seem to be grappling with of late, as they find themselves victims of layoffs, automation or downsizing. ET gets you tips from experts on how to best manage the transition till the next opportunity comes knocking. 1... More
Posted by:  Courtesy : Sreeradha Dasgupta Basu I ET BUREAU | UPDATED: JUN 09, 2017 Date:Jun 09, 2017

Things You Should Not Say During a Job Interview

                                                Are you looking for a job? Are you attending interviews? If yes, this is the time for you to understand that one wrong answer can cost you the position or role you are targeting. Whether you are a fresher hunting for your first job or an experienced profes.. More
Posted by: Editorial Team Date:May 29, 2017

Importance of Team Communication

  Team communication between groups ranging from owners - management - employees and functioning appropriately is one of the challenges that all businesses face and can open the success doors. Developing a team atmosphere helps in creating and making improvements in processes, or planning for future growth of the company. Team communication provides feedback from the management which facilitates new ideas.     Communication   A good communication is th.. More
Posted by: Editorial Team Date:May 24, 2017

Salary Job or Own Venture

    Entrepreneurship is being encouraged by the labor and employment ministries worldwide including India as it has been identified as one of the major opportunity to enhance employment among the youth. However, leading business and entrepreneurship is not for everyone but can be appealing to independent individuals. Before venturing into business, plan carefully and consider the differences between being an owner and an employee. Research on business ideas and simultaneously.. More
Posted by: Editorial Team Date:May 23, 2017

6 Key Career Strategies For Women Of A Certain Age

For nearly two decades, I’ve occasionally wondered: “Am I nearing the end of my rewarding work life?” And often, I see my female coaching clients, despite their considerable success, lose confidence and struggle with fear and anger about their career options as they age in the workforce. Credit: Shutterstock No matter how it starts, a dark, questioning moment actually may lead to positive change. Rough times can force us to shift attitudes and try new approa.. More
Posted by:  Courtesy : Beverly Jones, Forbes | APR 26, 2017 Date:May 22, 2017

Here Are 8 Career Opportunities For Indian Army Wives In The Internet Era

  Being an army wife is a tough job. To add to that, husband's hectic schedule and frequent transfers make it difficult for an army wife to pursue a full-time career. I have seen many talented and qualified women letting go of their career due to dearth of good opportunities in smaller towns where their husbands are posted. However, with telecommuting slowly becoming a popular option in India, a lot of new career opportunities have opened up for army wives now. I am an army wife .. More
Posted by:  Courtesy - Richa Kashyap, Huffpost, 18/05/2017 Date:May 19, 2017
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